About us

The SunFlower Post is a project where young females and males from different parts of the world blog about local news, with a gender perspective. Our authors become empowered by this platform, and they believe in the importance of getting their voices heard by a global audience.

Our Goals

  • Give an importance to gender equality.
  • Keep a local perspective, where each blogger focuses on topics from one country or region.
  • Empower young females from different parts of the world to speak up by getting a global audience.
  • Encourage young males to write about gender situation in their countries
  • Support freedom of expression around the world.
  • Creating an impact offline, by bringing underrepresented voices to the spotlight.
  • Creating a cross cultural dialogue


We started to publish on March 21st, 2011. This date was chosen as it symbolizes when spring begins. Read the complete story

Read our authors and lovely volunteers biographies

How to get involved

  • Follow us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK.
  • Would you like to become an author? Contact us through our email address

Contact us

Email us at:  thesunflowerpost@gmail.com


Any publication/post/text included in this Web site and/or opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views of The SunFlower Post team, but remain solely those of the author(s).


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