Get to know our permanent bloggers and some other wonderful volunteers that make “The SunFlower Post” such an amazing site!  We also invite you to read the posts of our invited/guest bloggers here

Sofia Sanchez/Author

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-29 a la(s) 13.30.23Sofía was born in Cuba, but she lives in Mexico since she was 4. Passionate about journalism, she writes for digital magazines such as Desinformémonos, Perro Negro MX, Spleen Journal!, Entorno Político. She also collaborates in Save the children MX and in various students asociations Ímpetu and AIESEC. Her main interests are human rights, children, and international relations. She lives in Mexico and travels to Cuba and other countries anytime she gets a chance.

Natalia Semicheva /Author

Natalia is from Russia and she adores when her foreign friends call her Nat. She graduated from Moscow State University two years ago and is currently working as an online journalist. She was always passionate about writing and has an experience in contributing to different newspapers and magazines.She is keen on writing poems and watching good movies, she is also working on her website about British culture. Her dream is to become a famous columnist. She is currently studying a master degree on International Journalism in London. Follow her on Twitter

Kerstin Tschernigg  / Author

As an International Journalism student, Kerstin has written for online and print publications in Europe and Africa and voluntarily worked for television stations. She is currently approaching a Double Doctorate in Metaphysical Science and Holistic Life Coaching in the U.S. With her personal charity programme One Word Changes she loves travelling to developing countries to work on personal and community development. Kerstin constantly asks: “Where do you want your current thoughts to take you to in the future?” Since 2011 she holds the New Thought ministerial status and has written inspirational children’s stories about race, colour, courage, belief, faith and love.

Amily Yang /Author

“Amily means both as Love for beauty and Bon appetite in Chinese, so you can imagine I am a over energetic girl who travels all around for amazing food and great new adventures.” Yang Furong, or for her friends just Amily. Currently student at “Semester at the sea”, she is a law student in Beijing. In 2009 and 2010 she was an Adopt a Negotiator tracker in COP15 and COP16 (UNFCCC Conferences on Climate Change). There she wrote blog posts for a local audience in order to interpret those dry negotiations into something fun and alive!

Neslihan Çiflik / Author

“I’m officially a pharmacist, formally a youth leader and informally a volunteer  with my all heart and soul in poor children’s development in education and social life.”

Nesly lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She recently finished her studies in Ankara.She likes leading projects by working in a local organisations, especially with young people. She was working at the 5th World Youth Congress as a family leader and at the 2011 World Universidade Winter Sports as a translations manager.

Clarissa Watson/ Author

Captura de pantalla 2012-12-23 a la(s) 14.39.55Clarissa Watson is a writer, feminist and humanist who believes in media literacy, creativity and the dynamic human spirt. She has been published in Women’s Health, Monday Magazine and BeatRoute Magazine. Today she freelances for Innovative Communities, a Canadian based NGO, Q-Media and The SunFlower Post. In 2008, Clarissa worked as a reporter for Chat News in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she covered stories from provincial elections to local philantrophy. She has a BA in Communications from Royal Roads University with a minor in Journalism. Clarissa is a proud Canadian who speaks Spanish, lives in Mexico City and loves yoga.

Anna Zemblicka  / Author

Anna is a Political Science’s student from Latvia being engaged in various projects and activities worldwide. She is the journalist in her soul and now she is working as a free-lance in two Latvian media outlets – one national level and one regional level newspaper. She is just the beginner, but a very determined one. She believes that the life is full of opportunities, and people have only to notice them. Travelling, writing, drawing, communicating and sharing cultural diversity are the opportunities of her life.

Irina Fedorenko/ Author

Ira is graduate student of Far Eastern Federal University, located at the end of Russia – the city of Vladivostok. In her own words: “We live  10 000 km and 9 hours by plane from Moscow – which makes us energetic and optimistic while fighting for survival with high prices and incredibly low salaries”. Ira has been involved in several organizations: Youth NGO Model United Nations of the Russian Far East, her own Environmental NGO Green Light and Russian World foundation

Ira just graduated from her master degree at Oxford University in the UK and is pursuing her doctorate in the same university.

Meryem Yeltekin  / Translator

Meryem has been working as an English Instructor at a State University in Istanbul for two years. She has studied an MA in English Language Teaching. Her personal moto: “The human nature is multi-layered structure. Every growth and rising up to another layer represents the annihilation of the left layer.. then we had better go down and affectionetely whisper to our previous self that “Ok, you are me but I’m no longer you only.” and by doing this, we can end the ruling of that role! Then you can clap your new status”.

Gethsemani Galicia  / Social Media

Gethsemani loves doing volunteer work in non-profit organizations, especially those that motivate youth to move and do something for their community and their country. She was the president of SELIDER in Ensenada, her hometown. SELIDER’s an organization designed to identify young middle school and high school students with leadership qualities and help them develop them. She loves traveling, writing, and learning.  She’s a college student mastering in communications once she’s donewith college she’s planning on doing a specialty in Organizational Communications.

Febi Purnamasari / Author and Co-Founder


Febi has been involved in journalism for four years. now. It is her current study at the University of Indonesia and she also enjoys it as a non-academic activity. She was the reporter and the Vice Editor in Chief of her university press organization. For the Indonesian Student Association For International Studies, she used to work as an editor; now she manages the Newsletter. Febi loves broadcast journalism as well as belly dancing. Her dream job is to be a future news producer. Follow her on Twitter.

Andrea Arzaba/ Founder and Editor In Chief

Captura de pantalla 2013-05-29 a la(s) 13.22.23

Andrea is a journalist, a digital strategist and a world traveller. She blogs for various online publications such as Global Voices Online, Future Challenges and for tMexico’s Animal Politico. In the past she has written for the European Journalism Centre, UNICEF Lacvox, Adopt a Negotiator Project and National Geographic Traveler magazine. Andrea has always felt passionate for culture, environment, gender and international development. She studied Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, with a focus on Journalism. Today she is working as Mexico’s regional lead for the news start-up “Vocativ”. Follow her on Twitter.


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